Thursday, August 25, 2011

Try This Trend

If you're like us, you have trouble each morning deciding who will make the accessory cut for the day. Will it be your favorite beaded bracelet from last-year's vacation? Your grandmother's vintage watch? The bangle you saw, loved and had to have?

Fret no more...and embrace the ultra-wearable trend of stacking! It's a great way to incorporate your favorite pieces, without looking (or sounding) like Xena the Warrior Princess.

Layer your baubles based on your day-- Incorporate a watch while at the office, a family heirloom with plenty of history (to discuss over lunch) and add extra bling in the evening accompanied by a great cocktail ring...the possibilities are endless! Sassanova stores have no shortage of fun layers to stack, add and enjoy, check out our favorites (currently in stores):

Marlyn Schiff Hammered Bangle, $25

Gorjana Studded Graham Wrap, $55

Gorjana Harbor Chain Bracelet, $95

Stop by or contact your local Sassanova store to begin (or add to) your "Best Dressed Wrist" collection! Happy shopping!

(Images: Refinery29)

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