Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

H-A-double L-O-double U-double E-N spells Halloween!

Trick or Treat?...

We say treat! (Who doesn't like treats...I mean seriously?!) Sassanova is chock-full of them (we're not talking fun-sized Snickers) and we want to share the wealth! This week are highlighting the amazing foot-candy designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Established in 2008, Elizabeth and James (named for MK and A's siblings) narrowed the gap between designer and contemporary fashion, uptown and downtown styles and masculine and feminine elements. We just can't get enough...come check out these E&J styles at Sassanova!
Kimi $198

Micah $325

Crimp $495

Swelt $350

(Images: SUILTSOY, Elizabeth and James)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Looking for weekend plans? Stop by Sassanova, Baltimore to enjoy live music and flavors of the season at the Harbor East Fall Harvest Fest. We will have a special something going on inside the store, Rachelle Celine (the D.C. based designer) will be here debuting her Fall 2011 Collection!

Save 15% on all fall  and trunk show merchandise!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We love Rebecca Minkoff!

Her Spring 2012 Collection looks phenomenal...and it's going to look even more phenomenal on DC and Maryland's Sassy Shoppers!

Can't wait until February shipments? ( either) Not to worry, Sassanova is hosting a REBECCA MINKOFF TRUNK SHOW the first weekend in November. Mark your calendars ladies.

It's going to be good.

(Image: eat.sleep.wear)

I'm in Love...

So, let's speak candidly for a second. I work in one of the most beautiful stores on the East Coast and I am surrounded by...sometimes inundated with gorgeous goods from all around the world. I'm talking perfect leather boots, fur-trimmed scarves, hand-set precious stones...and I don't think I have ever fallen this hard for something within my price range.

Meet the MZ Wallace Striped Sequin 'Ava' Tote.

It is $185.

It is P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N.

Can I gush for a second? This bag is the most delicious color, it sits perfectly on the shoulder and boasts enough room for all of my junk necessities. Work notebook? Check. Giant pouch of lipgloss even though I only use Carmex? Check. Ipad? I don't have one...but that baby would fit in here. Also, as if I have to mention, this bag is striped (reason enough to love) and it has sequins! My inner 6th grade jazz-dancer is leaping for joy right now.

I am currently crossing my fingers that there is one in my birthday gift pile...although that 'pile' I used to get when I was 5 has since been replaced by 'grown-up' gifts like 'pats on the back' and 'over the hill' jokes...

But I am convinced that if I eat my vegetables and go to church on Sunday...I just may be sporting this bag come Monday evening. Watch out Baltimore, the Ava Tote and I are taking over!


The Baltimore Sassette

fyi- This bag lives at all three Sassanova locations, come check it out for yourself!

(Image: MZ Wallace)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Let's Be Serious...

This is the kind of shoe you plan an outfit (or weekend) around. 

This is the kind of shoe that demands attention...and a matching clutch.

This is the kind of shoe that gets you a raise...(and it's exclusive to our three stores!)

Let's be need these shoes!



Ladies Night in Georgetown

Kool and the Gang weren't kidding, Ladies Night at Sassanova truly was a 'special night." Sassettes from all over DC converged last Thursday night to sip (champagne) savor (cupcake pops) and spend at Sassanova, Georgetown!

The evening was a huge hit, and yours could be too! Contact if you would like to set up a Ladies Night of your own!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered...

Where the heck we got the name 'Sassanova?'

Here is a short history that explains it all:

Sassanova was born in 2003 after Sassy Jacobs and Sarah Cannova teamed up to open the boutique's doors in historic upper Georgetown.

No...we don't have a 'thing' for Giacomo...and we aren't a tribute to Bossa nova music...



Around the www: Your Go-To

Superb advice.

Is a new figure going to be your hottest accessory this fall?

Painting the town pink. See how you can get involved!

When we wear nude heels...we pretend we are her.

What the world has to say about the loss of this man.

Sassanova's favorite Baltimore slice.

What pieces are you excited to dig out of your closet for the fall? For us, it's always cashmere and boots! There is nothing like slipping on your favorite pair of denim (the ones with plenty of stretch), ducking into a soft sweater and pulling on your *perfectly worn in* boots that makes fall mornings that much easier to tackle. The best parts about this clothing combo are the endless ways to accessorize and make the look new each time you strut down the street. Today we are wearing ours with a Theodora and Callum scarf, Marlyn Schiff Hoops, and a studded wrap from Gorjana. Find all of these at your local Sassanova store!

What is your go-to combo, and how do you make it fresh?

 (Image: thatschic)

Monday, October 3, 2011

An Open Letter to Fall-

Hey Fall--Thanks for coming on-time this year and bringing 'sweater and boot' weather with you. We are seriously enjoying the merchandise that you inspire; soft tumbled leather boots, cashmere wrap sweaters and delicious silk blouses, and we are glad to call you our favorite time of year. We know things get busy for you; the NBC line-up, October weddings, Halloween, and (yikes!) Black Friday, so we wanted to catch you while you were still low-key and cool. Enjoy your stay in the DC/Baltimore metro area, Sassanova is glad to have you. Feel free to mention to your friend Winter that he should take his time coming through...he has to be tired after sticking around until late April of this year.

Also, Fall? Easy with the rain...Hunter boots aren't that cute.



(Images: The Sartorialist)