Monday, October 3, 2011

An Open Letter to Fall-

Hey Fall--Thanks for coming on-time this year and bringing 'sweater and boot' weather with you. We are seriously enjoying the merchandise that you inspire; soft tumbled leather boots, cashmere wrap sweaters and delicious silk blouses, and we are glad to call you our favorite time of year. We know things get busy for you; the NBC line-up, October weddings, Halloween, and (yikes!) Black Friday, so we wanted to catch you while you were still low-key and cool. Enjoy your stay in the DC/Baltimore metro area, Sassanova is glad to have you. Feel free to mention to your friend Winter that he should take his time coming through...he has to be tired after sticking around until late April of this year.

Also, Fall? Easy with the rain...Hunter boots aren't that cute.



(Images: The Sartorialist)

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