Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm in Love...

So, let's speak candidly for a second. I work in one of the most beautiful stores on the East Coast and I am surrounded by...sometimes inundated with gorgeous goods from all around the world. I'm talking perfect leather boots, fur-trimmed scarves, hand-set precious stones...and I don't think I have ever fallen this hard for something within my price range.

Meet the MZ Wallace Striped Sequin 'Ava' Tote.

It is $185.

It is P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N.

Can I gush for a second? This bag is the most delicious color, it sits perfectly on the shoulder and boasts enough room for all of my junk necessities. Work notebook? Check. Giant pouch of lipgloss even though I only use Carmex? Check. Ipad? I don't have one...but that baby would fit in here. Also, as if I have to mention, this bag is striped (reason enough to love) and it has sequins! My inner 6th grade jazz-dancer is leaping for joy right now.

I am currently crossing my fingers that there is one in my birthday gift pile...although that 'pile' I used to get when I was 5 has since been replaced by 'grown-up' gifts like 'pats on the back' and 'over the hill' jokes...

But I am convinced that if I eat my vegetables and go to church on Sunday...I just may be sporting this bag come Monday evening. Watch out Baltimore, the Ava Tote and I are taking over!


The Baltimore Sassette

fyi- This bag lives at all three Sassanova locations, come check it out for yourself!

(Image: MZ Wallace)

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