Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Look who got a facelift!


We are so excited about the renovations in Georgetown! Come by and see for yourself!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Charlene K at Sassanova!

We are SO excited to introduce our newest jewelry line, Charlene K! Founded by Teong Kay and his wife, Gigi in 2005, Charlene K jewelry is classic, effortless, stylish, and simply chic. We are loving these 14K gold vermeil and druzy stone pieces from the newest collection...
Assorted Druzy Stone Rings $138-158
CZ by the Yard Necklace $80
Slice Agate Pendant $104-158
Stackable Ring with 3 Circles Pendant $158
We saved the best and our favorite for last: Gold Initial Pendant $60

 Stop by your nearest Sassanova today to spruce up your wardrobe with some Charlene K!

images via charlenekjewelry.wordpress.com

Monday, January 23, 2012

All The Rage...

       For those of you who haven’t heard of Chewbeads let me fill you in. Lisa Greenwald, a former veteran of the fashion industry, got the idea to make baby safe jewelry after her son, Ben, was born in 2009. The concept is brilliant, jewelry that is safe for your baby to chew on and stylish at the same time! It’s one of those ideas that you are dumbfounded as to how society went so long without it and wish you could have come up with it yourself. Here’s to Lisa and her successful dream that became a reality… mommy chic jewelry that truly is baby safe!
                                                         Lisa with her adorable son Ben

      At Sassanova, we have the Jane beaded necklace as featured on Lisa above, or the Hudson (my personal favorite) featured below, as well as the Cornelia beaded bracelets and bangles in an assortment of colors that can brighten up any wardrobe! For any mother or mother-to-be, these are a must have. I’m only 23 and definitely not expecting to have children any time soon but two of my cousins are expecting in the spring and I am dying to give them their baby shower gifts… Chewbeads! It’s a given they will love them.
       A Sassette

Friday, January 20, 2012

Spring 2012 Starts Now with M Z WALLACE

"What a breath of fresh air?!" I thought as I ripped open the newest delivery of M Z WALLACE bags. The new styles and colors look great and I literally had a customer shopping (and buying) the new collection before it was even unpacked. Take a look for yourself!

(left to right) Milano bag in tangier twill, $415; Billie wallet in Sienna leather, $125; Lula mini cross messenger bag in Sienna leather, $195; and Emma tote in peacock Bedford, $375.

(left to right) Johanna bag in ankara print, $395; and Bianca bag in cayenne Bedford, $375.

Pretty fabulous, right?! In case you're not familiar with the story of M Z WALLACE, let us fill you in!
The brand was founded in 1999 by Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice in New York City. Having each spent many years in the fashion industry, both women were looking to establish their own businesses. Lucy had been the Senior Accessory Editor of Harpers Bazaar, and Accessory Director of Elle. Monica traveled the world, styling advertising campaigns and editorial for leading brands and international magazines. After a fortuitous meeting at the Union Square Farmer’s Market, Monica and Lucy reconnected and realized they were both interested in bringing their experience and ideas on design to fruition with their own accessory company. They decided to join forces.

 “Women are always searching for the perfect handbag,” says Lucy. “Our goal is to design a handbag that is stylish, functional, lightweight, timeless, and affordable. With M Z WALLACE we want to create an American classic.”

The defining spirit of the M Z WALLACE brand is quality, style, integrity, and refined sophistication. Over ten years after its inception, M Z WALLACE is well on its way to becoming an American classic. We are thrilled that their collection has such a great home at Sasanova.

Happy Shopping!
- Sassette

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ahoy mates!

We knew that 60 degree weather couldn't last forever- at least not in the mid-atlantic, mid-january; But really?! My-oh-my, nothing says "winter's here" more than the wind and chilliness we've had the last few days.

Now, a cold weekend should result in digging up that favorite sweater, throwing on your to-die for boots that you just scored at our INSANE SALE (pssst, all shoes still 40% off, and all cold-weather accessories are 20% off, too) and ta-da, you're ready for Mr. Winter!

Soooo.....is it crazy that after the arrival of spring catalouges, I just can't stop thinking about SPRING!? Nope. not. one. bit. To prove it; colored denim is already post-dated for delivery. (jcrew stalkers, you know who you are...grab yours quick!) We're giddy over the white denim coming from her, as well as the jade green and azalea pink denim that we'lll have here!

This week's obsession: ROPE! Stay tuned while pieces (from bracelets to bags to awesomely adorned shoes, and of course- espadrilles) continue to pop-up on Sassanova's Spring radar...

NEW! Just-in bracelets; simply OBSESSED.....
Our new collection (see here) totally brings me back to the good ole' ACK bracelet....totally nostalgic....
And while we're loving outdoor-inspired pieces; check out our NEW recycled bags!

An oh-so-ready for Spring

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Higher! Higher! HIGHER!

If there is ONE thing I love in the world, it is heels. And I am not talking about kitten heels (although very cute in their own right). I am talking about the real deal--- high heels. And when I say high, I mean HIGH--- four inches, five inches, six inches. 
The higher, the better!

Yes, you might feel a bit of pinch here and squeeze there when you first put on a new pair of high heels. But as my mother once told me the first time I had my unibrow waxed at the age of ten: “It hurts to be beautiful.” 
No pain…no gain.

And you have a lot to gain by purchasing a new pair of high heels. Trust me.
For example…
  1. Add those inches. For those of you who are short (like me), heels give you those extra inches you want! Every Friday and Saturday I go from a mere 5’1 inches to 5’6 inches by simply slipping on stilettos.
  2. Say goodbye to your gym membership! High heels provide the best calf workout known to mankind.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Although you might be teetering on your first pair of five inch heels, give it a few trial runs and in no time you will be running in those heels.
  4. Heels are on now sale at Sassanova!
Stop by Sassanova in Georgetown and check out my top three picks! All of which are pictured above. For all of you first time heelers, try the four incher- Kate Spade’s “Linette.” OR If you consider yourself a real diva, then you will surely appreciate Butter’s leopard print heel, “Searles.”  FINALLY my personal favorite, pictured on the right- six inches of perfection: Missoni’s “Cut Out Platform Pump.” 
…. Just please don’t take my size.

                                                A Georgetown Sassette 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today's must-have accessory... Plush fleece-lined leggings!

These super cozy, non-bulky leggings top our list for must have accessories for the unbearably cold months ahead of us. They are perfect under a sweater or tunic with boots and available in black, gray and navy. Honestly the most comfortable thing you will ever put on!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ring in the New Year with NEW arrivals....

Happy. New. Year.
Revisited & revised version of the classic Kendrick driver shown here...
And re-created once again...yet still TO DIE FOR Reva...

Close-up....our neutral of the new year, navy!

What better way to embrace a new year, than with (new!) Calypso St. Barth resort wear?

"Cassandra dress," 100% silk, navy tie-dye with pockets & optional removable belt

Calypso's craftmanship....

Cynthia Vincent's bold stitching...

and colorful, Southwest-inspired patterns...

Are just a FEW of the reasons why Sassanova welcomes 2012 with open arms! xoxo