Monday, January 16, 2012

Ahoy mates!

We knew that 60 degree weather couldn't last forever- at least not in the mid-atlantic, mid-january; But really?! My-oh-my, nothing says "winter's here" more than the wind and chilliness we've had the last few days.

Now, a cold weekend should result in digging up that favorite sweater, throwing on your to-die for boots that you just scored at our INSANE SALE (pssst, all shoes still 40% off, and all cold-weather accessories are 20% off, too) and ta-da, you're ready for Mr. Winter! it crazy that after the arrival of spring catalouges, I just can't stop thinking about SPRING!? Nope. not. one. bit. To prove it; colored denim is already post-dated for delivery. (jcrew stalkers, you know who you are...grab yours quick!) We're giddy over the white denim coming from her, as well as the jade green and azalea pink denim that we'lll have here!

This week's obsession: ROPE! Stay tuned while pieces (from bracelets to bags to awesomely adorned shoes, and of course- espadrilles) continue to pop-up on Sassanova's Spring radar...

NEW! Just-in bracelets; simply OBSESSED.....
Our new collection (see here) totally brings me back to the good ole' ACK bracelet....totally nostalgic....
And while we're loving outdoor-inspired pieces; check out our NEW recycled bags!

An oh-so-ready for Spring

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