Thursday, January 12, 2012

Higher! Higher! HIGHER!

If there is ONE thing I love in the world, it is heels. And I am not talking about kitten heels (although very cute in their own right). I am talking about the real deal--- high heels. And when I say high, I mean HIGH--- four inches, five inches, six inches. 
The higher, the better!

Yes, you might feel a bit of pinch here and squeeze there when you first put on a new pair of high heels. But as my mother once told me the first time I had my unibrow waxed at the age of ten: “It hurts to be beautiful.” 
No pain…no gain.

And you have a lot to gain by purchasing a new pair of high heels. Trust me.
For example…
  1. Add those inches. For those of you who are short (like me), heels give you those extra inches you want! Every Friday and Saturday I go from a mere 5’1 inches to 5’6 inches by simply slipping on stilettos.
  2. Say goodbye to your gym membership! High heels provide the best calf workout known to mankind.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Although you might be teetering on your first pair of five inch heels, give it a few trial runs and in no time you will be running in those heels.
  4. Heels are on now sale at Sassanova!
Stop by Sassanova in Georgetown and check out my top three picks! All of which are pictured above. For all of you first time heelers, try the four incher- Kate Spade’s “Linette.” OR If you consider yourself a real diva, then you will surely appreciate Butter’s leopard print heel, “Searles.”  FINALLY my personal favorite, pictured on the right- six inches of perfection: Missoni’s “Cut Out Platform Pump.” 
…. Just please don’t take my size.

                                                A Georgetown Sassette 

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