Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gifts we love...

The Morse Code necklace by Coatt is a MUST this holiday for your hipster sister, best friend or youthful mom. We LOVE these necklaces! So much so, that both Sarah and myself (Sassy) are currently wearing one! The necklaces spell words in Morse Code and say things like "Bestie"and "Sister". You can even special order them to spell out your name!

Necklaces retail from $35-$80 - can't beat it!

I hope my sister doesn't see this because this is what she's getting for Christmas this year!

We are also over the moon about these Thursday Friday Totes. This is a GREAT holiday gift idea! Super Chic - totally relevant and they don't break the bank! Any fashionista would die for one!

 "Conceptual, original, perfectly in step with the latest fashion masstige collaborations (e.g., Lagerfeld for 
Macy's, Lanvin for H&M), and with an unbeatable price, the Together bag immediately attracted the attention of
 the accessories addicts looking for easy to carry yet out of the ordinary."
- Tendances de Mode

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